The Forest Sangha is a worldwide Buddhist monastic community in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah.


Current issue: January 2010

This issue of the FSN is available as a PDF download .

And you can find all previous issues of the newsletter here.

Forest Sangha Newsletter Changes

As announced in the last issue, it looks as though the Forest Sangha Newsletter will be published only once or twice a year from now on. Therefore, the next edition may well be published towards the end of 2010. We are still unsure of how plans will develop, though the FSN is likely to become a slightly larger, annual publication. It will continue to be simultaneously published in digital format as well as be available in its printed form for downloading or viewing on this website.

We will be taking this opportunity to refresh our mailing list for the printed newsletter – please see the announcement below.

The function of the Grapevine and back pages – to keep you up to date with events, announcements, and retreat dates, etc. at the monasteries – will now mostly be served through the individual monastery websites and their own newsletters. Amaravati will therefore be starting its own newsletter or bulletin sometime this spring. Please see below to find out how you can receive this new publication. To keep up with announcements from the various monasteries you can also check the current news page at


Please be aware that we are
Updating our postal mailing list

It is advisable to refresh the newsletter mailing list every few years. Therefore, with a few exceptions* we will be starting a new mailing list for those of you who receive the printed newsletter through the post.

We ask that all of you who wish to continue having the Forest Sangha Newsletter sent to you through the post please confirm this by re-sending us your name and address.

You can do this by post or by email, or by leaving a note in the monastery office at Amaravati. As there are thousands of you, out of compassion for our office staff please do not try to do this by telephone. Thank you!

To confirm by post: Please send your name and address, with a message indicating you would like to remain on the Forest Sangha Newsletter postal mailing list, to:

FSN Mailing List, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, Great Gaddesden, HERTS, HP1 3BZ, UK

To confirm by email: Please email us your name and address, with a message indicating you would like to remain on the Forest Sangha Newsletter postal mailing list, at:

fsn-mailer AT amaravati DOT org

As always, in future you will also be able to read the FSN online or download it from this website. To receive an email notification when a new issue appears, please request this by emailing

fsn-mailer AT amaravati DOT org


  • North America – Since we have recently gone through the process of refreshing our postal mailing list for those of you in North America, there is no need for you to confirm your wish to remain on the list. We will keep the current mailing list for North America.

  • Recent additions – Also, we will make an effort to carry your address over to the new mailing list if it has been added within this past year. Unfortunately, however, we do not have clear records of this, and it may not prove possible for us to identify the recent additions and changes of address. So please do reconfirm, if you wish to be sure.


Amaravati Newsletter

In order to inform people of what’s happening at the monastery, Amaravati will be producing its own small newsletter. We intend for it to be circulated mainly via email; however, we will also print hard copies to be distributed at the monastery, and posted to those of you who prefer that.

If you would like to be put on the mailing list for Amaravati’s new newsletter, please send us your details. (Please be aware we will probably not be publishing anything before May 2010.)

To receive the Amaravati newsletter by email (recommended), or by post:

Please send your email and/or home address to:

abmnews AT amaravati DOT org

or post it to:

Amaravati Newsletter, Amaravati, Great Gaddesden, HERTS, HP1 3BZ, UK

~In either case, please indicate whether you wish to receive it by email or by post.~

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