July             2008                             2551                      Number     84
The Forest Sangha is a worldwide Buddhist monastic
community in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah

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buddhaPrajna Paramita
Venerable Ajahn (Luang Por) Chah
speaks on themes related to ‘teaching’

Ajahn Vimalo recently completed his statue of the Prajna Paramita. He shares a few words about his nearly 20 year involvement with the project …

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buddhaPrajna at Cittaviveka
Ajahn Sucitto

On April 11th Ajahn Vimalo’s statue of Prajna Paramita (‘The Perfection of Wisdom’) was formally installed in the Dhamma Hall at Cittaviveka in a ceremony that included the male and female communities of Cittaviveka and Amaravati as well as many lay friends.

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buddhaCelibacy & Sublimation
The following reflections, originally published in the book Freeing the Heart, are taken from a talk given by
Ajahn Thanasanti

To those interested

in understanding the end of suffering, the Buddha recommended seeing the value of celibacy. It is a powerful tool for understanding desire and coming to terms with the nature of attachment. It isn’t an easy path, but it can be very helpful because one has to consciously face ...

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buddhaA Sri Lankan Pilgrimage
Ajahn Karuniko

Last January for the first time

I had the privilege of visiting some of the ancient Buddhist sites of Sri Lanka. This was at the kind invitation of  Venerable Seelagavesi and his devotees in England.

I arrived in Colombo in the late afternoon and in the early evening was driven to Kandy, the famous city in the mountainous centre of the island. It was a joy for me to see the many shrines by the roadside along the way, with their serene Buddha statues.

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