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April     2007                  2550                      Number 79
The Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community
in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah


Ajahn Nyanarato




thaniyaAbout this issue

Welcome to the Forest Sangha Newsletter online. This issue can be found in several places. You can download the whole newsletter as it was printed and distributed, or you can browse this website to find the individual articles and bits of news. Click "download pdf" for a PDF file ‐ which we hope is in a resolution fine enough to allow for clear images, yet not too huge to download for most users of this site. If the PDF is too big for you to download, the entire newsletter (absent a few photographs) is available on the pages of this website. Be sure to check the sidebars (FSN notices, Grapevine, etc.) for current announcements and Sangha news, etc., which change with each issue. 

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monkPlace to no place
A conversation with Ajahn Nyanarato

Ajahn Nyanarato has been one of the senior monks at Amaravati since 2001. He has come to be loved and respected by many, as he helps lead the community in his quiet, patient way. The following is from a conversation I had with him in December, 2006, in order to share something of his life and reflections here in the FSN... —Editor 

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walkingWhen East meets West

Ajahn Piyasilo

Ajahn Piyasilo, a Thai monk of twelve vassas who is spending a year with the community at Cittaviveka, shares some of his impressions so far. 

Having been a monk in a rural part of Thailand for more than eleven years, I never thought that one day I would find myself living in the West. But here I am, thanks to a recommendation from one of my venerable Ajahns and the generous support of a lay Buddhist. People often ask how I see the differences between the East and the West and about my impression of living in England. It took me a while to reflect upon these questions and here are my responses. 

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swissBerries, hermits, and undreamed dreams

Bhikkhu Vineetha first came to our UK monasteries on a short visit from Sri Lanka with Ven. Ñanananda in 2003. He came again in 2005 to spend the vassa at Cittaviveka, afterwards requesting full ordination as a bhikkhu (he had been practising for twelve years as a novice) from Luang Por Sumedho. He continues his training with Luang Por, and with his old friend Ajahn Vimalo, at Amaravati. He kindly agreed to write something about his experience coming from Sri Lanka to England.

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