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 October 2005            2548            Number74
The Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community
in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah

Subjection to Change, and Peace

buddhaA talk by Luang Por Chah addressed to an ageing lay disciple approaching her death, and to her family, from the talk Our Real Home.

Resolve now to listen respectfully to Dhamma. Be as attentive to my words as if it were the Lord Buddha himself sitting before you. Today I have brought nothing of material substance to offer you, only Dhamma, the teachings of the Lord Buddha...
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Dhamma in Prisons

seaExtract from a talk given by Ajahn Khemadhammo at Wat Pah Nanachat in December 2003.

I was given the OBE for ‘Services to Prisoners’– as the citation put it. Prison work has occupied me for many years now and is very dear to my heart...
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Starting the Path Where We Find It

seaExtract of a talk given by Kittisaro at Amaravati during a retreat he led in 2003

I remember once, when I was a monk, being asked to give a talk at a home for disabled children. An amazing variety of electric wheelchairs rolled into the hall, different kinds of machines that helped the children work with their physical pain and disabilities...
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